Phobia for cats: what it is and how to act

Although for most people cats are nice and friendly animals, for others they are a threat. If being near a feline feels panic, you might be suffering from phobia of cats.

Ailurophobia is a fear extreme to have contact with cats . But like any phobia, it is an irrational fear. The terror that you feel is greater than the damage they can cause you.

It is very common that this problem derives from a bad experience with cats. There are also many cases that have to do with a fear transmitted by another person. Most of the time the phobia of cats is acquired in childhood . Therefore , almost nobody is aware of this trauma. However, it is an imbalance that can be overcome.

Causes of the phobia of cats

Although it is not the most common, can that a cat has bitten or scratched you in the past. Or maybe you had another unpleasant experience , which was associated in some way with cats. In any case, fear is a healthy signal that the human being activates to protect themselves.

The phobia of cats could also be associated with negative superstitions . For some people the cat has a bad luck meaning. Likewise, diabolical or supernatural powers have been attributed to him. There is also the myth that the cat has seven lives and, therefore, is a magical being. However, these representations are culturally created legends.

Cats phobia

Many believe that this phobia arises out of ignorance. Like dogs, cats are harmless pets. Therefore, they can live with anyone without any problem. In addition, the felines, are very playful, affectionate and friendly with children and adults. They are also experts in scavenging rodents.

Symptoms of fear of cats

There are some characteristic symptoms of ailurophobia or phobia of cats. Although they are reflected in a physical way, they correspond to a psychological imbalance. This does not mean that this is a mental disorder, but that simply the body and mind symbolize a rejection through fear.

Someone who has this type of phobia experiences anxiety, nervousness or panic when faced with a cat. He even develops sweating, agitation, shortness of breath and nausea. Occasionally, hives or other associated ailments appear.

Some people experience the sensation of being paralyzed. The symptoms appear even when thinking and observing images or videos of felines. In the same way, they feel fear when passing by places where there are cats. They also refuse to visit relatives and friends who have these pets. Although they know it is a disproportionate fear, they have difficulty controlling it.

Ideas on how to take action to overcome the problem

The first thing to do is to have an open and positive attitude. That is, look critically at the negative ideas and beliefs you have about cats. It is also necessary that you try to identify the source of your fear. You could make a list of the possible causes that produce it.

Angry cat

Once you have identified the root of your phobia, it will be easier to face it . Avoiding cats is not the solution. There is no other way to overcome the phobia of cats than facing it in the real world. Then it would be good to try to approach the cats and observe them from afar. Make a daily or weekly routine in which little by little you have contact with the cats.

When you are near the cats, try to perform slow breathing exercises. Be able to fear and think that nothing bad will happen. Simply let yourself be carried away by the situation, naturally.

Other alternatives to overcome the fear of cats

Initially you could help yourself by learning meditation and relaxation techniques . These are effective tools to reduce your fear. However, if you think it is impossible for you to move forward, it is best to consult a specialist.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of treatments and therapeutic methods that serve to overcome this phobia. Anyway, your will plays an important role in this process. It is necessary that you have disposition, perseverance and conviction to reach the end of the process.

You will see favorable results and, why not, maybe you get to love cats. If not, you will gradually learn to live with these animals. It requires a lot of tolerance and patience. In this way, you will manage your fear to lead a freer and less limited life.

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