How to act against horse allergy

Allergy to horses is very similar to other allergies caused by pets . It represents a major health problem. In less severe cases it affects the quality of life of a person. In extreme cases it can even lead to death.

One of the difficulties of allergy to horses is that it can go unnoticed for a long time . This is because their symptoms are similar to those of other diseases, such as a common cold. That is why we must always be very attentive, especially with children.

To overcome this problem there are measures that have to do with changes in lifestyle and with formal medical treatments . Science has advanced a lot in both diagnosis and management of this type of difficulty.

Some facts about horse allergy

Allergy to horses is basically the allergy to dandruff they have on their hair . In the case of humans, the presence of dandruff is easily detectable. In animals, however, said dandruff is microscopic and, therefore, almost imperceptible.

Dandruff is the result of a desquamation in the epithelium of some animals, including the horse. The problem is that it spreads easily and sticks for a long time to fibers textiles , mainly. This includes clothing, carpets, furniture, etc.

Hand caressing a horse.

Those who suffer from allergies to horses suffer an immune response exaggerated by contact with animal dander . This causes a set of abnormal manifestations in the skin and respiratory system.

It is important to note that the reaction can be very different in each person strong>. Therefore, the severity of the symptoms is also very dissimilar. It can range from a slight discomfort to the inability to breathe.

The first measure: consult the specialist

The first measure to take, in case of Suspecting an allergy to horses, is to consult with the specialist. If an accurate and reliable diagnosis is not achieved, the measures taken to solve the problem will be of little use .

You may suspect an allergy to horses if a few hours after contacting them, a person has the following symptoms :

  • Sneezing , which is sometimes accompanied by a tamponade in the nose.
  • Itching sensation in the eyes, nose, palate, ear or throat.
  • Lachrymation.
  • Liquid rhinorrhea.
  • Irritating cough.
  • Conjunctivitis .
  • Sounds in the chest, like whistles, and an oppressive sensation when breathing.
  • Eruptions and hives .

Allergy management: prevention

The Treatment of horse allergy should be directed towards three areas: prevention, symptom management and treatment of causes . Once the diagnosis of the problem is confirmed, the most important thing is to prevent contact between the patient and the animal.

 What daily cleaning does your horse need?

This preventive measure implies some difficulties. The most important of these is that the animal's dandruff could remain impregnated in various elements of the environment, such as clothing, furniture, etc.This happens when someone has contact with the horses and then with the patient. Or when someone has been near a horse and then touches objects to which the patient also has access. Therefore, we must be very attentive to this.

Medical treatment

The usual thing is for the doctor to start a treatment, both to moderate the presence of symptoms, such as to attack the cause of the problem. An immunotherapy treatment is usually prescribed , which includes vaccines that contain the epithelium of the horse and which are usually applied for a period of five years.

In the allergy to horses, as in any other type of allergy, there is a risk of presenting an shock anaphylactic . This is an extreme allergic reaction and constitutes a medical emergency, which should be treated immediately with corticosteroids and adrenaline.

Several studies have shown that curly-haired horses do not have protein in their fur which causes allergy in humans. Everything indicates that an allergic person can live with them without problems. This applies particularly to the Bashkir Curly race, of Russian origin.

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