Friendship between man and dog, since the Neolithic?

Although we may find it strange the inclination that dogs usually have with humans, this relationship dates back to ancient times. Survival, oxytocin and the Neolithic could be the basis of friendship between man and dog . New evidence is emerging every time.

A study recently conducted in Barcelona archaeological indicates that the relationship between humans and dogs dates from at least 6,000 years. The group of researchers detected human tombs with the remains of dogs buried next to the deceased. This would mean a close relationship between Neolithic men and their pets.

The findings were made in Catalonia by students from the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of the same city. Results of the research were published in the Journal of Archaeological Science Reports .

A friendship that goes beyond life

The conclusions reached by the academics is that the dogs would have been buried along with their owners. This would be a symbolic act in which the dog was sacrificed to accompany the master in the afterlife. These were part of religious rituals, and it is something to highlight the participation of animals in funeral burials.

Researchers found at least 26 human graves with remains of dogs next. number is small compared to the total excavations practiced, but it is still significant.

 Domestication of the dog in the Neolithic

The studies also allowed to establish some data on the diet of those dogs. In fact, it was found that the feeding of humans and their dogs was very similar . This consisted basically of vegetables and cereals; These data also allow us to conclude that since the Neolithic there was a strong friendship between man and dog.

Rituals and dogs

Humanity has always contemplated rituals post mortem as something sacred and delicate. In the traditions has always had weight the ignorance of what happens after death. Therefore, it is quite striking that the dogs have been slaughtered and buried with their masters.

this would coincide with the 'culture of tombs in pits'. This thesis is held by the first editor of the research article, Silvia Albizuri. The body of researchers believes that this could be a fairly widespread practice among the Iberian population of the time .

Based on the discoveries and existing documentation, it is thought that this practice it extended for some centuries. This would have lost continuity with the beginning of the Iron Age ; we refer to 1200 before the appearance of the figure of Jesus.

Friendship between man and dog: long and natural

The dogs come directly from herds of wolves, which had to change their behavior as a way of survival. It is not known who approached first, if they or humans. The exchange of food and domestication must have generated genetic changes in these animals.

Dogs in cave paintings

To tell the truth, the relationship between this species and humans has an explanation biochemistry.This would be the reason why dogs have a unique relationship with us.

Explanations of a biochemical nature make the difference between the behavior of dogs with humans and other animals; No animal has developed such closeness to humans.

Academic interest is raised

There are many hypotheses and positions on the evolution of dogs. Right now, academics from around the world seek to explain their migration, domestication and the origin of the interspecies successful relationship. Scientific and public interest in the subject seems to be increasing in the last decade .


Some people think that domestication could not have happened before the Neolithic and others did. The truth is that the trace of these friendly and intelligent animals is followed. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the company of our four-legged friends; Beyond the scientific fact, the friendship between man and dog is a palpable reality.

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